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OPTEC started production of optical fibers in 1988. In the field of production components we cooperate with the world leaders.

Our products find their application in medical and industrial devices. We offer optical fibers, fiberoptic lightguides and other f.o. components made of multicomponent glass, quartz glass and different materials transparent in the infrared and ultraviolet spectral range. Optec has been producing the award winning medical endoscopes.


In the offer of OPTEC you can find:

  • Polymer optical fibers made of PMMA for the illumination purposes
  • Optical lightguides made of multicomponent glass with the numerical apparture NA=0,4 ~ 0,8
  • Optical lightguides made of quartz glass fibers for the UV and NIR technique
  • Single core special application fibers for MIR spectral range
  • Solid core polymer fibers for lighting application in architecture.
    We offer a wide range of accessories
  • Fused fiberoptic elements
  • Medical, autoclavable lightguides
  • Light probes for curing dental materials
  • Rectosocpy set
  • Amnioscopy set
  • Flexible technical endoscopes for inspection
  • Rigid endoscopes with Hopkins optical system for medical and industrial inspection
  • Vaginoscopy systems
  • Fiberoptic headlight
  • Fiberoptic gynaecology illuminators
  • Halogen lightsources
  • Prototypes of f.o. devices for optoelectronics

We repair rigid medical endoscopes and other medical fiberoptic devices.